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Friday, March 27, 2015

Lottery scam email from Carlos Johnson MasterCard Inc United Kingdom Bill Weber Prize Verification Department

Originating IP:
Originating ISP: Mojohost
City: Farmington
Country of Origin: United States

from: MasterCard Inc. United Kingdom. <> 
date: Fri, Mar 27, 2015 at 11:26 AM
subject: Re: Reg. No. MS/MC-916.015.

Director: Merit Janow

Dear Cash Winner,

You are receiving this e-mail either because you have used our services by way of subscription or the services of our co-sponsor and as a frequent internet user with a valid e-mail address. You have emerged one out of the ten global lucky winners in our just concluded online promotion upon which a pre-registration notice was earlier communicated. MasterCard Inc and our co-sponsor Microsoft Int'l is pleased to announce to you that a sum of 4.5 Million GBP has been approved and ready for pay out to you. These funds are in cash, credited to a valid certified cheque, with a winning Reg. No. MS/MC-916.015. Be informed that your prize has been insured. You are upon receipt of this confirmation directed to immediately contact the MasterCard Payment Office below for remittance.

Name: Bill Weber
Prize Verification Department.

Contact your assigned personnel above at once with the following claims details; 1. Full Name: 2. Address: 3. Nationality: 4. Age: 5. Occupation: Nature of Work: 6. Phone: Fax: 7. State of Origin: Country: 8. Sex: 9. Alternative Email Address:

Congratulations once again!

Yours sincerely,
Carlos Johnson.
MasterCard Inc. United Kingdom.

Copyright 2015 MasterCard Inc UK. NOTE: Your required information above will only be used for the stated purpose of assisting you legally to receive your prize as announced in this notification letter. Any other distribution, use, or release of any of your information to a third party is highly prohibited without your consent, to maintain your privacy and personal safety.

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