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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

419 scam email from Mr. Baily Ali

from: baily mamadou <> 
date: Mon, Jul 25, 2016 at 8:21 AM
subject: Urgent Respond

Dear Sir,

With due respect I write to you this letter;
My Name is Mr.BAILY ALI, I represented Libyan Government Rural
Developments Projects before the revolution that ousted the Libyan leader
Late Muammar Gaddafi to death. I and my family run to Bamako Mali for our
dear life because we are constantly being targeted by the NTC rebels and
there Sponsors due to my true loyalist to late Muammar Gaddafi regime.
I succeeded in moving the Contract Funds and Gold out of Libya to Mali to avoid
confiscation by the ruling Government.

I seeking for your assistance to invest this property in your areas of
business and the choice of contacting you aroused from the
geographical nature of your business and that of your country,
particularly due to the sensitivity of the transaction and the
confidentiality therein, you will be rewarded handsomely for your

I would like to know your Position in assisting me to secure this
property; please feel
very free to ask me any question you may need to know and i will not
hesitate to answer you.


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