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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

419 scam email from Sgt. Jessica Alger

Originating IP:
Originating ISP: Globacom Ltd
City: Lagos
Country of Origin: Nigeria

from: Jessica Alger <> 
date: Mon, Aug 1, 2016 at 9:34 PM
subject: Re: Hi

Dear friend,

I am Sgt.Jessica Alger , Thanks for your response to my message, I am currently serving in Camp Stanley, south Korea. Camp Stanley is one of the military bases run by the United States of America in South Korea, It is located close to Uijeongbu and is considered to be the largest part of the Red Cloud Garrison. It is located relatively close to the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) and aims to ensure the peace in the area. It is run by the US Army. The history of this military base is not very rich but serves as a deterrant to the other side of korea and old enough to draw a whole lot of relevance for peace and security in the zone. I must thank you for your response, this shows your interest and I appreciate that. As you already know, my name is Jessica. Alger, feel free to call me Jessica.

Now about my last message, a couple of years ago, there was severe rains that caused deadly flooding and damage to South Korea, some wealthy people, including politicians were killed and their houses and companies were destroyed as a result of the severe flood. Majority of them lost their entire family as a result of this. Some great sum of United States currencies were realized by the Government in remains of business structures and houses that were destroyed, but mostly companies.

During a routine patrol by my unit sometime ago, I discovered a safe buried in a destroyed building. My team was not aware of this, as I kept it secret, till I had time to personally inspect the safe and found out it contained the sum of  $15,000,000 (Fifteen Million us currency). most  politicians and business men understands punishment by laws against  holding such an amount of foreign currency in their country, so I believed they buried it and secretly used it for their political  and business agenda, until the unexpected flooding, destruction and lost of lives occurred. At the moment, I have it privately secured and safe, without the knowledge of anyone. But I cannot continue to hold it back here for long, because of my active duty.

I am sorry to encroach into your privacy in this manner. I found your profile listed in the DOD database and I found it pleasurable to contact you for help. I am looking for a trust worthy person I can entrust this funds to, till I get back from my station in Uijeongbu, South Korea.  My husband (David Alger) would have taken responsibility of this package but I lost him to 9/11 bomb blast. I feel so bad when I remember his death. His painful death made to join the US Army. It is so painful to remember that I lost him on that faithful day. Right now I am determined to fight terrorism with my last blood. I want to have a very peaceful retirement, maybe get married again. I am worried someone might discover these boxes or i will be redeployed without enough time to tidy things.

During my inquest on how to safely repatriate these funds out of this country i received a very good, trusted and reliable shipping company contact, used mostly by military forces in Japan to send goods easily through diplomatic and private military channels, to anywhere in the world, without them being checked at any port of entry.  After we agree to partner on this deal I will travel from Uijeongbu to Japan to send same via this secured shipment method. I will make the arrangement in sending same to any address of your choice. The baggage will be tagged diplomatic documents, and the shipping company and its representative will not know the contents of the boxes. Some civilians here and local soldiers have used this means without hitches or scrutiny because of the diplomatic immunity from the shipping firm and agent. Though the cost of sending items through this means is very high, I will negotiate a good fee from this end and take care of same. I will follow up with the shipment till it gets to your door s

I am sure you will know the best way to handle such amount for us when it gets to you. Please let me have your complete names,occupation, mobile number and  an address where you want them to send the shipment. As soon as I get it, I will start making arrangements to ship same at once. If we are lucky and fast enough, we can conclude this within the next few days. I will send the whole amount, since I cannot keep any on me. But can I trust you? As I already informed you, this deal is of mutual benefit, once the shipment gets to you, you take 40 percent and keep my 50 percent and donate 10 percent to charity organizations so that our good Lord will assist and bless us in future,  I believe this is fair enough. Your role here is to find a safe place  to receive and keep the funds and mine is to make the necessary arrangements for sending it to you. What do you do for a living? Are you married with kids? Can you handle these large amount of funds without drawing attention to yourself?.

I want you to know that, the knowledge of these leaving the province of Uijeongbu and Japan to any safe location, is just between the two of us, so try and keep it this way. If you are not capable of handling this huge sum, DO NOT allow me avoid unplesant situations as I have done everything possible to make this a reality from this end. We must keep a low profile as a result of the amount in question. Please do not let me down as i am counting on your discretion and trust. Keep in mind at all time the need for confidentiality and absolute secrecy till we conclude this deal, Phone conversation is not a safe measure in this endeavor, we are not allowed to own mobile of fixed phones, all calls and faxes are done through the communication unit on camp and its heavily monitored.

Remember to keep our secret safe. I can not call you on the phone or receive fax, as I am not always at the base as a result of my operational schedule and active duty. Hope you are okay with this and still willing to partner with me. All communications must be done via email until it is safe to use other secured means. I need your urgent reply in this regard. If this arrangements is okay by you, please let me know, so we can proceed with the arrangements without delays. Once again thank you for your interest and readiness to assist me in this regard. Please kindly confirm receipt of this message, God bless you. Thank you for your anticipated understanding and commitment to change our lives for the better through this partnership.

Jessica Alger

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