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Sunday, September 4, 2016

419 scam email from Maria Elisabeth Schaeffler

from: Maria Elisabeth Schaeffler <> 
date: Sat, Sep 3, 2016 at 10:09 AM
subject: Good To Read From You.....


I appreciate you for writing back so quick. Do not be bothered as to
why you have been contacted your for this and its genuineness, as I
have done so from a pure motive. I got your email from a web journal
and felt strongly to write to you. I am Maria-Elisabeth Schaeffler, a
German citizen, wife of late Georg W. Schaeffler, 73 years old. You
can see here:

The intention of this email is to be of immense blessing to people.
With my age, I cannot continue to amass wealth without giving out. I
own a net-worth of over $3.3 Billion. This you can also read on
My only son Georg is so well to do and worth well over $15 Billion. I
have not very much to spend money on, so I am indulging myself with
such act that will be considered a blessing to others. It is my hope
that as you receive this money it would be of great use to you and
that you can also assist others from it.

As I send this message to you, I also sent to others too, so if you
are willing I will make you a bonafide beneficiary. I sent to
churches, Orphanages, and individuals, each bonafide beneficiary (from
my cede amount of €50M) will receive up to €1.700.000

Now, all this being said, if you know you are ready to receive the
funds €1,700,000 (One Million, Seven Hundred Thousand Euros). Kindly
confirm readiness by formally introducing yourself in detail (Full
name, Address, Phone Number), thereafter, I shall grant you a letter
to authorize the money to you from the bank. Please my Friend, this is
my personal wealth it doesn't need many formal procedures, and for the
sake that it might seem too easy for you to receive this gift, I would
crave your indulgence not to refer any person whatsoever to me so that
I can have my peace. I am doing this as a free-spirit gift and I made
the contact myself to you, therefore, I would if I would give more to
contact the persons myself. PLEASE do not refer any person and do not
make a public/media show of this as I would not like any publicity of
any sort.

Maria-Elisabeth Schaeffler

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