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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Loan scam message left as a comment on the FraudFYI blog from Octavia Investments and Loans Company

Posted by Artis Rozentals
Dear Sir, Octavia Investments and Loans Company, United Kingdom is a financial services and advisory company established in United Kingdom. We provide assistance with International Project Funding and also corporate debt instruments such as; International Bank Loans in any part of the world. Our Sectors of Interest are as follows: Oil & Gas, Agriculture, Health, Aviation, Tourism, Retail, Real Estate, Construction, IT & Communications, Technology, Education, Energy, Engineering, Utilities, Telecoms, Mining, Maritime and host of other profitable ventures. Placement Opens to: Entrepreneurs, Corporations and Investors - Maximum Funding: 500 Million USD - Funding Type: Loan Investment - Funding Rate: 3% Interest Rate per annum - Term: 15 years - Renewable tenure Do you need Loan for individual or corporate concern? Then apply now via email: Kindly provide your following details; Company Name or Applicant:___________________________ Occupation:________ on Loan scam email from Albrecht Joanchim

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