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Friday, November 25, 2016

419 scam email from Mr. Charles Kelvin Payment Coordinator Diplomat Patrick Burke 240-573-2225

from: Charles Kelvin <> 
date: Tue, Nov 22, 2016 at 8:57 AM
subject: Your package has arrived, Pls contact agent now to claim.


We wish to inform you that the newly elected President of Benin Republic His Excellency Patrice Talon set up an independent committee to investigate the unnecessary delay of all payments which was previously approved by the past administration through Western Union money transfer / ATM card. During the course of their investigation they discovered with great dismay that you are one of the unlucky beneficiaries whose payment has been unnecessarily delayed by corrupt officials of the past government by charging outrageous and unending fees in attempt to frustrate foreigners then divert funds into their private accounts.

I am glad to contact you today because an irrevocable payment approval has been issued by the Presidency to release your total payment $1,500,000 through diplomatic cash delivery immediately. The Central Bank of Benin converted the total payment $1,500,000 USD to cash and packaged it in a sealed consignment Box which was dispatched to United States of America since yesterday via an international diplomat agent Patrick Burke.  Their flight departed Benin International airport yesterday at 11:45 AM and the good news is that he has confirmed safe arrival to United States with your consignment box awaiting Arrival clearance which is compulsory for all sealed diplomatic consignments.

Contact Diplomat Patrick Burke now at his private email ( ) and reconfirm the following details below so that he will not have problem locating you with the consignment box immediately after clearance and to avoid any further delay. Do not keep him waiting because the only clearance fee you will pay at the airport on arrival is the Diplomatic Arrival Clearance fee of the box because it is sealed to avoid opening for inspection and loss of any part of the money.

- Full Names..........
- Delivery address........
- Cell phone number.........
- Nearest airport.........

Note that for the safety of the diplomat and contents of the Consignment Box, ALL communication should be kept highly confidential between you and the diplomat to avoid problems as the Box in his possession contains huge amount of money in cash with highly rated documents. I hope you understand that no one should know about this delivery or the real content of the box until you meet with the Diplomat to avoid interception of any information. Send an email now to the diplomat agent Patrick Burke and Text him @ ( 240-573-2225 ) to establish communication and facilitate your delivery, keep me informed as soon as he hands over the box to you so that i will add your name to the list of those that have successfully received their payments.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr. Charles Kelvin
Payment Coordinator.

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